CACAO Fund Offers $1.2M to Grassroots in the Promotion of Organic

The Jessie Smith Noyes Foundation (Noyes Foundation) announces CACAO, a new funding opportunity through which it will award one-time grants to eligible non-profit organizations working in California to build the movement for agroecology and organic food and consumer products by:

  • Educating consumers about organic advertising and advancing efforts toward regulatory reform and corporate accountability;

Or by

  • Educating consumers about organic advertising and strengthening local, equitable and ecologically healthy food systems.

Through the CACAO Fund, the Noyes Foundation will award a total of $1,170,000 in grants in amounts ranging from $75,000 to $250,000. The granting of these funds will be on a one-time basis, and no renewal funding is implied. Up to 25 percent of the grant award may be used for indirect costs/overhead. If applicants feel they can make a strong case for an even higher allocation for indirect costs/overhead they may articulate it in the full proposal. The majority of funds shall be used for programmatic and project-based work.

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