Resources for Funders

Investing in soil health, food, and farming create multi-fold solutions that positively impact public health, social justice and economic vitality while making our land and communities more resilient.

The following resources explain how agriculture and food systems are a nexus of solutions.


healthy soils to cool the planet: a philanthropic action guide

A collaboration of leading foundations on regenerative agriculture and Breakthrough Strategies and Solutions, this new guide is the starting place for any philanthropies desiring to invest in a healthy future through soil.


#NoRegrets Initiative

The #NoRegrets Initiative of Globetrotter Foundation is leading by example in collaboration with the 7,600 acre Paicines Ranch Learning Center. Click on the “Learn More” button below to access a wealth of knowledge and additional resources on soil health, human health, regenerative agriculture, and the science supporting it all.

Soil solutions

Soil Solutions is a program of Center for Food Safety and has a wealth of resources online about various efforts underway to remove carbon from the atmosphere to solve the climate crisis. By doing so, we’ll increase the health and well being of the planet and ourselves.