"New guide provides information on organizations led by Black and Indigenous People of Color"

Foundations seeking information on sustainable food system organizations led by Black and Indigenous People of Color across the U.S. need look no further. Keecha Harris and Associates’ new release provides an important starting place for grantmakers seeking to make grants focused on supporting organizations that receive less than 10% of all philanthropic funding. Furthermore, as stated in the guide, said organizations are oftentimes community-based and are working to provide much-needed access to sustainable foods and information resources in their communities.

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From the Keecha Harris and Associates, Inc. website: The guide provides funders with a tool for identifying, sourcing and supporting organizations led by people of color and Indigenous communities that are working to improve America’s food systems. Though not an exhaustive compilation of all possible entities doing this work, the guide includes a total of 61 organizations. Using data from organizations’ websites and other online searches and publications, we determined whether organizations met the following inclusion criteria:

  • Focus on promoting sustainable food systems

  • Leadership composed of people of color and members of Indigenous communities

  • Active status as an organization based within the United States of America

  • Accessibility to potential funders via clear contact information

  • Promotion of farmers’ land rights

  • Target of community sustainability

  • Emphasis on “farm-to-table” concepts

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