Grazing for Change Goes Deep on Soil, Farm Viability, Health, and Action

Chico, CA: Several members of California Foodshed Funders attended the University of California, Chico's Grazing for Change conference on Saturday, February 24. The conference is organized every two years by the university's Regenerative Agriculture Initiative.

Speakers and topics included:

Will Harris, White Oak Pastures, Making the break from commodity agriculture as a self-reliant, diversified farming operation that builds soil for future generations.

Dan Kittredge, Bionutrient Food Association, How to produce nutrient dense food and be recognized and rewarded for it in the market.

Dr. Sina McCullough, Author of "Hands Off My Food!," How commoditizing our food system has caused the current health crisis in our nations. The truth behind "what's in our food," how it got there, and who's responsible.

CA Foodshed Funders